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Do you have any recipes?

For tons of delicious, healthy recipes created by our team, check out our recipe page:

How Come I Only Got A Crate On My First Month?

For your first order of our smoothiecrate subscription, you will receive a smoothiecrate. This can be reused or repurposed for many things around your home.  The following months each subscription will be delivered in a cardboard box.

With Regards To Fresh Fruit In Your Order

All customers have the option to add a variety of items, some of which are perishable.  Any perishable item (that is, any item with a "life span" that is subject to decay or spoilage) can be added to any delivery that is being shipped within the...

Do I Need An Expensive Blender To Blend These Smoothies?

All of our smoothies are crafted to be blended in any blender. The only difference is the blending times may vary from blender to blender. Our favourite blender is the NutriBullet, it has a line of blenders that are amazing at creating the perfect blend...

Do I Have To Sign Up For A Subscription To Order Smoothies?

No, not at all. We offer both one-time and subscription orders. Our smoothiecrates offer you the option to make a one time payment for the smoothies in the each crate. This is not a subscription based service.

How Much Does Each Smoothie Pack Make?

Each regular size smoothie pouch makes a 20-ounce smoothie. We recommend blending our regular size smoothies with 1½ cups of liquid to make a 20-ounce smoothie and our junior size smoothies with 1 cup of liquid to make a 12-ounce smoothie.   Depending...

I've Heard That All Fruit Juice is Bad For You Because It Contains Nothing But Sugar. Is That True?

This is true of many of the processed juices you will find at the grocery store, which contains little to none of the natural goodness of the fruit and vegetables from which they derive, but all of the sugar (and often more added on top of that)! That...

Hold On... What Is A Probiotic?

Foods and drinks that are "probiotic" contain live cultures that are good for your gut. Inside each of us is a microbiome, or a community of good and bad bacteria that outnumber our cells ten to one. The live cultures in probiotics help the "good guys...

How Can I Pay For My Order?

We accept all major credit cards as payment, namely Visa, MasterCard and American Express. When placing an order online, you also have the option to pay via PayPal with or without signing into an active PayPal account.  Although the Heart Thorn ...

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