Are there any Special Services & Administrative Charges?

Administrative Charges

We reserve the right to discontinue, apply new, or modify existing administrative charges at any time and from time to time. Unless otherwise indicated, any of the following administrative charges may be applied to any orders placed with us: 


Address Correction 

An additional $10 charge may be applied per piece where the recipient’s address is incorrect, incomplete or illegible. Additional redelivery charges may also apply.


Hold for Pickup 

Where a recipient is not available to accept a delivery attempt by one of couriers, the delivery may be held at an authorized location for in-person pickup. Deliveries held for pickup will be held at the authorized location up to five business days. If the recipient fails to pick up the delivery during this time, the package will be returned to our warehouse at the customer’s expense. In such circumstances, the customer will not be entitled to any refunds as the items are not able to be resold.  


Proof of Delivery 

Unless otherwise specified, we will automatically provide an electronic proof of delivery, where available, to customers at no extra charge. A $25 charge will be applied if a customer requests, and is provided with, a hard copy proof of delivery. 


Multiple Products Delivered & At Least One Package is Less than $100

We deliver packages free-of-charge by ground shipping to most areas in Canada and the USA when the value of the package is over $100CAD (on Canadian Websites) or $80US (on American Websites) per delivery location. When multiple packages are ordered and some of the packages are under $100CAD/$80US, we will separately charge you for the delivery charges for these deliveries.


Remote Deliveries

An additional charge will be applied where the recipient’s location is deemed to be remote or is not serviced directly by us. Please contact us for details.  


Redelivery Fees 

An additional charge will be applied to any delivery that is required to be redelivered where our driver, through no fault of his/her own, was unable to complete delivery on the first attempt. This charge (generally $17-$40) will be applied for each subsequent delivery attempt.


Redirecting Same Day Deliveries in Transit


Same Day orders are considered “dispatched” after being entered into the dispatch system and after a confirmation number has been provided. If a Same Day order is redirected after being dispatched:

  1. If redirection is before pickup, orders will be charged the full delivery charge for the new destination only, inclusive of all taxes and additional charges;
  2. If redirection is after pickup, orders will be charged the full delivery charge for the first destination, plus the full delivery charge for the new destination, inclusive of all taxes and additional charges.


 Undeliverable Packages

If a package is undeliverable, we will take ownership of the package and such package may be disposed of at our sole discretion. The purchaser is not entitled to a refund in such circumstances as the items cannot be resold.


Overweight, Oversized Deliveries

In some cases, some of the items that we ship are oversized or of a weight that is above average. In these cases, additional delivery charges may apply. However, before we apply these additional shipping charges, we will contact you to ensure that you are willing to pay the additional shipping charges. If you agree to the overweight/oversized charges, we will apply the charges and ship the package. If you do not agree to the additional shipping charges, we may offer other items which can be shipped or cancel the order.

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