we're doggedly committed to our service. better quality. all at a better value than retail.

our subscriptions help ship tailor-made, artisan dog treats directly to your door, so you can spend more time on important things, like building the bond between you and your pet.

Woofcrates believes that we can make the world a better place for dogs and their owners, one crate at a time. our crates are filled with healthy treats and durable toys, so you don’t have to waste your time effortlessly looking through multiple pet retailers.

Each of The Gift Group brands follows all four of our core values: People, Service, Quality, and Innovation. These values determine everything we do as we strive to create the best goods and services available to our customers to ensure the very best gifting experience for all.

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    I’m so happy I discovered Woof Crates! They have dog treats and toys that are very different from what I normally see at pet stores and my dog can’t seem to get enough of it!

    Allen Lewis

    The quality of the dog treats I received from Woof Crates really surprised me! Their dog treats are made in-house using natural ingredients and I couldn’t be happier to indulge my pet with them!

    Thomas Garrison

    Woof Crates makes every month feel like Christmas with their deliveries! Our first custom crate that we received is still one of my favorites and it proudly houses all of my dog’s prized possessions.

    Maren Wyatt
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